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The founding members of this new alliance want to actively broaden it to include all those organisations with a commitment to keeping fire safety in buildings as a priority policy area at both the EU and Member State levels.  Read more

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In case of fire: Immediately call your local emergency number. Early notification of the fire department is important. The dispatcher will ask questions ... Read more

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  • FSEU Submission to the Public Consultation on Sustainable Buildings

    1 Oct 2013 - Download document
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  • A Worrying New Fire Risk in Timber-Framed Buildings


    Fires have  been able to spread into combustible wall cavities from outside the building, worrying new tests by the FPA have shown.

    14 Oct 2013 - READ MORE
  • Mother, three kids killed in Shirley house fire


    As a fast-moving fire raged inside a Shirley home, neighbors rushed to help the family trapped inside, only to be repelled by the intense heat.  [the mother was trying to save the children when she was overcome by smoke, the four of them died in the fire]

    12 Oct 2013 - READ MORE


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